Why You Should Use Most Of Your Marketing Budget For Google Ads

Why You Should Use Most Of Your Marketing Budget For Google Ads

Digital marketing and Google Ads are great – they allow you to target and reach potential consumers that are interested in your products or services, and also successfully filter out those who aren’t so as to not waste your marketing budget when invested in PPC or pay-per-click platforms like Google Ads. Certain platforms such as Google search Ads Australia even report high conversion rates from the platform amounting to 5-6%, as compared to a mere conversion rate of 1-2% physical marketing. The marketing platform that gives you the most results is the one you should invest the most on, and hence listed below are a few reasons why you should use most of your marketing¬† budget for Google Ads:

Google allows you to target your ads

Google allows you to target your ads to reach your chosen target audience and potential consumers. You could target your ads to be viewed by consumers on the basis of keywords that they search, their geographic location, their age, their gender, and their preferred language. Marketers can also target ads on the basis of the devices that search engine users may be using.

Google allows you to control associated costs

Google Ads allow marketers to control how much money they wish to spend in their respective ad campaigns. There isn’t a minimum or a maximum limit to how much a company can spend on the Google Ads platform, and marketers can even dictate how much they want to spend on an ad on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. Since marketers only have money deducted out of their budget when a user actually clicks on their ad, it is easier to control costs and this also assures a high return on investment for the marketing spend.

Google allows you to measure campaign success

Google Ads allow marketers and companies to measure their campaign success by showing them valuable insights on their respective Google Ads dashboard. Users that clicked on your ad, downloaded your app, etc. can also be tracked. You will be able to see which ads did users click on which ads did users not click on, and you could hence make changes to your ad campaign accordingly. These insights would allow you to make better marketing decisions.

Google allows you to control your campaigns

Google Ads allow marketers to manage their campaigns and provide them with tools that monitor their accounts accordingly. By using tools such as Google Ads Editor you can also manage your Google account offline, and you can download account information, edit campaigns, and then upload any changes to your account when online.

Google allows you to reach consumers through email

In 2015 Google launched native Gmail ads in collaboration with Google Ads through which marketers can reach their target consumers right in their mailboxes. Users can see these ads in the promotion or social tabs in their Google mailboxes, and these ads appear both on users desktops and smartphones. Since native email ads in Google are considerably cheaper than Google Ads, if you have a smaller budget consider driving some of it in that direction as well.

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