Various Benefits of Electric Delivery Vehicles

Various Benefits of Electric Delivery Vehicles

These days, electric vehicles are prevalent in every economic sector, and although they are costlier than diesel and petrol vehicles, they are witnessed to be used for widespread purposes like postal, parcels, and goods logistics. These vehicles power on an electric motor through an onboard battery supply for propulsion. There are several reasons why more and more companies are deploying electric delivery vehicles. Let us look at a few of them in detail.

More Efficient than Petrol and Diesel Cars

Diesel and petrol cost significantly in comparison to electricity. With an electric vehicle, you can travel more than 3 miles for each kilowatt-hour of electricity. Comparing between an electric vehicle and a petrol/diesel vehicle in terms of the cost of travelling a mile, we have noticed that the latter costs substantially more.

So deploying electric delivery vehiclesin a fleet might be expensive initially, but it soon repays the extra investment in terms of fuel cost.

Low Maintenance Cost

For delivery companies, maintenance costs make up a large chunk of fleet expenses. These companies can reduce their expenses by replacing their petrol and diesel vehicles with electric ones. The engines in these electric delivery vehicles are simpler in comparison to a conventional engine, as there are few moving parts in it. Basically, a conventional vehicle has a complex drive train in contrast to the single moving part in an electric battery. But when a motor has fewer moving parts, things are much less likely to go wrong.

While these vehicles require some amount of maintenance, they are nothing in comparison to that of traditional vehicles. It has been found that compared to ICE vehicles, electric vehicles are 70% cheaper to maintain. The servicing of the electronic vehicles mostly focuses on their brakes and tyres, whose lives are prolonged due to the regenerative braking feature. These vehicles have self-sufficient battery packs that can be used for more than 300,000 km.

Environmental Impact

Electric delivery vehiclesare worth considering because of the environmental impact alone. Traditional vehicles produce emissions than cause harm to human health as well as the environment, but electric vehicles produce none of these.

Not only is this beneficial for the environment, but it also allows you to comply with low emission rules in certain areas. Electric vehicles are energy efficient and help to reduce their overall carbon emissions as compared to traditional vehicles.

Easy and Silent Drive

Electric delivery vehicles often have automatic transmissions, meaning they are easy to drive and produce much lesser noise in comparison to the combustion engines. These vehicles are almost silent, which makes it possible to make deliveries at late hours of the night which might not be possible to do in the morning as the delivery action can cause people to complain about the noise otherwise.

Boosts Your Brand

Surely you don’t want your brand to carry a reputation for polluting the environment. Introducing electric delivery vehiclesto your fleet can be a great way to be seen as a progressive company that has a conscience.

These days, everyone is quite concerned about the environment, and you can grab this opportunity and become an early adopter of green technology. This way, you can easily edge out your competitors.

Vehicle Incentives

In the Australian Capital Territory, you don’t have to pay any stamp duty for a new electric vehicle and you will also receive a 20% discount when it comes to registration.

In Victoria, the officials have exempted these vehicles from the stamp duty reserved for luxury vehicles. So rather than paying $18, you just need to pay $8.40 per $200 of market value. Furthermore, you also get an annual discount on vehicle registration amounting to $100. As you can see, introducing electric vehicles to your fleet has numerous advantages, apart from the obvious impact on the environment. There are advancements still being made in this field, hence we can expect more sophisticated vehicles in the future in varied commercial fields.

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