Top Conversational AI 2020 Platforms

Top Conversational AI 2020 Platforms

Friendly chatbots are cool, and most businesses use them today for customer communication and product discovery. The competition among chatbots is high. Today, they are saturated all over the market. This is where modern businesses contemplating building a chatbot should be careful. They need to be equipped with the right knowledge and efficient enough to handle pressing questions by a user. If the bot cannot answer the question, the user leaves dissatisfied, never to return!

Conversational AI and the power to steer your business to more productivity

Interactive chatbots help customers to make informed choices. For instance, Starbucks’ chatbot gives you all the details you need to know for that coffee you need. The Pizza Hut chatbot on FB Messenger does the same and gives you the best deals on offer when you book for your pizza online.

From the above, both of these chatbots seem like a human attendant helping you with your choices. However, both of these interactive chatbots are nothing but software programs equipped with the power of Artificial Intelligence to answer your questions and initiate human conversation.

Interactive chatbots have the immense power to steer present and potential business prospects to more sales conversions.

Chatbots with AI are better performing than simple chatbots without artificial intelligence that talks to you with audio and text. They give you a real human-like experience and are smarter. They-

  1. Use both natural language processing and machine learning to communicate with the user.
  2. They understand the user intent better.
  3. Communication with them seems real, like two humans talking.
  4. These chatbots can be trained over time. They can learn and boost their communication skills with the targeted audience over time.
  5. Every conversation they have with a customer makes them smarter.
  6. Chatbots can handle multiple customers at a single time.
  7. They are available 24/7 for customers and help the business to focus on other essential tasks.

The top AI chatbot building platforms for 2020

If you want to gain a technological edge in the market with your sales and customers, create an AI-enabled chatbot for the task. Given below are the names of the top artificial intelligence chatbot builders for 2020 to look out for:

1. Survey Sparrow- This platform helps you-

  • To build chatbots sans programming in just a few minutes.
  • You can place them strategically anywhere on your site and trigger them to initiate when users open your site.
  • Get a free basic version.
  • Transform boring feedback sessions into an engaging one for your users

2. Microsoft Bot Framework- Also known as the Azure Bot Service. This platform gives you-

  • Integrates with your entire technological system
  • Delivers smart recommendations, recognize users in images and translations
  • It can be connected to business sites, Cortana, Slack, Skype, Telegram. SMS, Messenger, and others
  • This chatbot offers you full integrations with Microsoft APIs like Bing, Cognitive Services, Text Analytics API.
  • Immensely used in the travel, entertainment, and banking sectors.

3. This chatbot is:

  • Chatbot developers consider this platform to be one of the best artificial intelligence platforms for FB Messenger chatbots.
  • You do not need any knowledge of coding.
  • It is a very adaptable and agile platform.

4. Mobile Monkey- This chatbot builder offers you:

  • It has templates for customer support, eCommerce, and food business.
  • It is a simple and efficient platform.
  • It has Stripe API and PayPal integration to make tasks simple.

 5. Aivo- This platform gives you-

  • One of the best texts and voice chatbots for customers
  • It is flexible and adapts to rules.
  • Easily integrates with Salesforce, Zapier, Zendesk, and Live.

 6. Amazon Lex- This chatbot is a branch of Alexa. It gives you-

  • Use this chatbot with any app.
  • Can carry out specific actions or “intent.” For instance, if doctors use it, the chatbot can schedule patient appointments for them.
  • Can be integrated with Slack, FB Messenger, and Twilio SMS.
  • Offers the Amazon Lex Console for building your chatbot.
  • It offers you with a GUI.

 7. Chatfuel- This chatbot builders offer-

  • No requirements for coding
  • Ideal for restaurants and media agencies
  • Build a chatbot for your business within 7 minutes
  • Get a wide array of attractive chatbot templates for your business

With the above chatbot development builders, you can find the right template that matches your business’s goals. However, before building the chatbot, consider-

  1. The issue you want to resolve.
  2. The platform the chatbot sits on.
  3. The server your business chatbot will operate on.

When you get the answers to the above three questions, you can offer your customer base or targeted audience a good chatbot user experience.

Compare the chatbot platform before you begin

A chatbot development company will always take your business’s needs into account before it builds a customized chatbot for you. Choosing the right platform for building your chatbot is essential. Before going in for a premium version of any platform, research well. Compare the platform with the others and check what the essential features will offer you at no cost. If you need premium features of the chatbot builder, buy them after doing your homework well.

Chatbots are here to stay for a long time. Your bot should be able to communicate accurately with your targeted audience. Test them, and work on improvements overtime to boost their performance, lead conversions for your business, and customer satisfaction. Conversational AI bots will engage your customers like never before. You can even send out marketing offers and promotions to them as well. If you want feedback for your business, these chatbots attain them quickly from your users too. Building a customized chatbot for your business helps you in a big way to boost customer service. They are here to stay for the future. If your business does not have a chatbot now, it is prudent to create one

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