5 Tips to choose the right pendant necklace

5 Tips to choose the right pendant necklace

Jewelry you wear is not just a fashion trend, it is a mirror to your personality. It completes your look and gives it a boost that helps you stand out from the crowd. It is not necessary to spend fortunes on jewelry, a simple affordable pendant with a suitable necklace can do wonders. You can look for affordable pendants in Australia and pair it right to create your unique vogue statement. 

A necklace with a pendant can immediately dress up a boring outfit and completely transform your overall look. Here are some tips that can help you pick the perfect pendant and necklace to amp up your style game.

Consider pendant size and color

Pendant size and color can make a significant difference in your look. A large pendant usually draws all the attention to itself. By choosing a bright color with a large size you can easily create a focal point for your outfit. These are ideal for wearing with simple dresses and minimalistic looks. On the flip side, smaller pendants help you bring everything in your look together. You can pick a delicate chain to ensure that the attention is given to the pendant and not to what it hangs from.

Consider occasion

People wear pendants in many different ways regardless of the size, shape, and color of the pendant. These can add life to your outfit on different occasions. Picking an adjustable chain is a smart idea. You can keep it short for an elegant look and make a bold statement with lower hangings on a casual occasion. Pendant is a jewel that draws eyeballs immediately which is why you should consider the occasion and the kind of gathering you are going to.

Harmonize your pendant with your outfit

While pendants are known to attract the spotlight, you should make sure that your outfit also gets its due attention. Your hairstyle is also a significant element in making the right choice for a pendant and necklace. If you are keeping your hair loose and free, ensure that they do not entangle with the longer hanging chains or large pendants. Also, they should not overshadow a small pendant and make it worthless.

Sync other jewelry you are wearing

Choose your pendant necklace to either match or complement other jewelry you are wearing. Often people wear them with a pair of earrings and fail to make the right combination. You can choose to match the jewelry pieces, however,  playing mix and match can add more oomph. Wear a heart shape pendant with round or square earrings to break the monotony and get a quirky and exciting look.

Your face shape is also important

The length of your neck piece also complements your face shape. A shorter necklace can soften the jawline for people with a heart-shaped or rectangular face shape. If you have a round shape face, a longer necklace will elongate your face look and add more elegance to it. People with oval face shape need to be more thorough in selecting a neckpiece and consider their body shape and shirt cut as well.

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