Social Media Ecommerce: Turn Social Platforms Into Selling Venues

Social Media Ecommerce: Turn Social Platforms Into Selling Venues

Social Media eCommerce: The Hottest Marketing Trend in 2020 & Beyond 

Do you know that each day the average internet user now spends 6 hours and 43 minutes online?

This makes it clear how important it is for businesses to have a social media presence. Right!

If you haven’t leveraged social media platforms, then you are seriously missing out on some great opportunities to drive traffic to your website, build brand awareness, boost sales & revenue, and many more. 

In this guide, we will discuss social media eCommerce, the importance of social media for eCommerce, proven strategies & ideas that you can find success with. 

So let’s delve in to know everything about social media for e-commerce.


Introduction to Social Media eCommerce 

You must be aware of the ever-changing social media trends. This makes it hard for the marketing gurus to predict the future. 

After keeping a hawkeye on the current marketing scenario, we have found a perfect one for you, i.e. Social Media eCommerce or Social Shopping Commerce. 

Marketers have already started taking advantage of this hottest trend, and it seems to have an even more significant impact in 2020 & beyond. 

Defined as- “Buying & selling of goods and services via social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest mainly is known as Social Media eCommerce.” 

The way we shop has changed over the years. Now customers are no longer restricted to offline stores only. 

They can click through a brand’s social media profiles and easily purchase that featured product in a post. 

Combining social media with eCommerce, brings us to the concept of Social Commerce, which is an effective strategy for businesses. 

Offering the “Buy It” or “Buy Now” button, these social media platforms have made it easier for mobile users to browse products. 

And instead of being directed to a separate website, the products can be bought directly in the app. 

Studies show that the purchasing decisions of 74 per cent of consumers’ are influenced by social networks. 

In short, social networks act as a gateway to online shopping. They also highlight the best and brightest of your brand.

Importance of Social Media For eCommerce

Being an inseparable part of our lives, social media has been turning extremely important for eCommerce in today’s time. 

To justify this, we have curated a list of a few factors explaining the importance of social media for eCommerce. 

1. Fast & Responsive Customer Service

Social media offers a sense of immediacy to businesses. Therefore, eCommerce businesses with significant social presence can quickly answer customer queries at any day and at any time. 

You can engage with your customers & market with the help of customer support. In this way, marketers can also respond to unpleasant comments on their social media feeds. 

2. Better Understanding of Customers

Customers reach out to social media platforms to know more about your brand, so keeping them interested in buying your products is all you need to do.

Therefore, understanding your customers, their preferences, etc., are a few things that you must research. 

Once you get all this information, you can tailor the strategies for your brand.

3. Influence Customer’s Buying Journey

In this digital age where everyone and everything is online, a significant social media presence is necessary for tangible e-commerce results. 

It can influence the buying decisions of the customers, so you need to have compelling content to build brand reputation.

4. Build a Stronger Brand Image

Making an active social media presence a part of your marketing strategy can act as a gold mine tactic for eCommerce businesses.

Posting user-generated content in the form of customer reviews, testimonials, feedbacks etc. will make your customers feel appreciated. This will eventually enhance how people view your brand. 

Take control of how your brand’s narrative & build healthy relationships with your customer via social media.

5. Social Media is Beyond eCommerce

Many people might think that the sole purpose of using social media is to sell products & services, but that’s not right. 

Perhaps, social media networks are a great way to engage with customers on another level. Also, you can leverage it to show off your brand amongst your potential customers. 

eCommerce Social Media Tactics for Marketers

Leveraging social eCommerce is a tricky concept, so here are a few ideas that you can try to reap the benefits of social media eCommerce for your brand. 

1. Set Goals for Your Brand’s 

Before leveraging social media, marketers must start the brainstorming process. 

Defining the business goals to increase engagement, boost sales, improve conversions etc. help you understand if the efforts you are investing are worth it or not. 

2. Start Using Shoppable Posts

The rise of Shoppable posts on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram mainly has changed the eCommerce social media landscape to the next level.

Shoppable posts are the best way to directly and positively impact your sales. The shoppable posts provide you with an opportunity to turn users’ inspiration into brand conversions. 

You can use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. or use social commerce platforms or visual commerce platforms to turn your social media or visual posts into Shoppable posts. 

3. Display Social Proof 

For earning sales on social media, brands need to leverage the power of social media to display social proof. 

For this, all brands can do is to utilize user-generated content to showcase their love for the customers as well as how much customers love the brand. 

You can find a lot of valuable user-generated content across different social media platforms in different forms. 

4. Know the Power of Visuals 

Visual content rules the social media marketing sphere. According to the statistics, more than 85% of millennials bought a product after watching a video about it. 

Therefore marketers should focus more on creating video marketing campaigns for their products for each social media platform. 

This will help them to drive sales as well as promote the product across all social media networks. 

5. Increase your Social Media Following

Having enormous followers on social media sites like Instagram comes with a lot of additional perks. 

For example, if your Instagram handle has more than 10K followers, then you can easily add direct links to Stories. 

Ecommerce brands can take advantage of this excellent opportunity to get the attention of a large number of followers on social media. 

6. Run a Blog 

If you want to turn your brand into a recognized one, then start a blog as soon as possible. 

It is an effective eCommerce content marketing strategy to inform, inspire, educate & entertain.

Not just this, but you can also convert your social media users into regular customers via social media. 


Social media and eCommerce go hand in hand. Therefore it is essential to understand how you can leverage the current social media marketing trend, i.e. Social media Commerce to earn more awareness, traffic and sales. 

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