Most Beautiful Towns In Italy You Should Visit

Most Beautiful Towns In Italy You Should Visit

 Italy is one of the most beautiful countries, and there is a strong reason! Indeed, Italy’s beauties are famous worldwide, and travelers who are hungry for the Italian lifestyle arrive from across the globe to witness the incredible beauty and culture. But we asked ourselves: which of all the cities is the most beautiful? Making a list of the most beautiful Italian cities to visit is not easy, considering the amount of Italian artistic heritage, crossing the best cities of art, with the most visited, and the opinions of travelers on the leading booking portals, without forgetting that what is beautiful is beautiful, but what one likes is gorgeous, here is our unique ranking of the most beautiful Italian cities—already searching for flights to Italy? Try booking your tickets with American Airlines reservations options for the best travel experience. 

Venice, Veneto

At the head of the podium is the most romantic city globally, a destination for newlyweds since time immemorial: our grandmothers were already dreaming of a honeymoon in a Gondola!

The most visited city in Italy, the leading Italian city of art, ranked six among the world’s most beautiful cities. It has one of the most mesmerizing squares globally: Piazza San Marco, and in 1987 and was announced as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 


Volterra is the best known medieval village in Pisa’s province, perhaps also thanks to the Twilight saga of the author Stephane Meyer, located on the top of a hill at about 500 meters above sea level. The walls surrounding it, the oldest town hall in Tuscany (the Palazzo dei Priori), and its narrow alleys represent one hundred percent of the medieval atmosphere typical of this region’s villages.

The landscape is no less marvelous and terrifying due to the presence of the so-called crags, real chasms, or ravines formed due to various erosions due to landslides and bad weather. 

But in Volterra, culture is also the protagonist thanks to a circuit of 15 museums and four archaeological areas that tell the history of art from the Etruscan period to the nineteenth century. Among the most characteristic must undoubtedly be mentioned is that of alabaster, the oldest tradition in the country, and one of the Tuscan excellences globally, in fact, that of Volterra is the most valuable in Europe. 


Rome is among the most visited places in Italy for its beautiful culture and a fantastic lifestyle. Rome is, no doubt, the best city to travel to with your loved ones. It is also known as ‘the Eternal City’ due to its glorious history. When in Rome, you can enjoy cutting-edge attractions, Haute cuisines, shopping centers, and many more. Take a stroll down the stalls of the Campo d ‘Fiori Market and indulge in a romantic dinner with your loved ones at restaurants in Trastevere and have the most filling travel experience. 


Agropoli’s old town is a small pearl of Cilento, historical and splendid, full of treasures to discover. The symbol of the city and one of the most beloved monuments is the magnificent 17th-century gate, which will make you enter the heart of its historic streets. Here there are many glimpses to discover, and you can walk under the surveillance of the imposing Angevin / Aragonese Castle, which deserves a thorough visit. This splendid building has three towers and a peculiar triangular plan; it has undergone several changes over the centuries, and the influences can still be seen today. For the rest, Agropoli is a genuinely enchanting, magical, and welcoming village that will amaze you!

Rocca Cilento

This lovely village nestled in the mountains like an ancient jewel will captivate you! Among the historical beauties, you can find the castle of Lombard origin, which overlooks the area. The surrounding mountain landscape will give you precious moments of contemplation and relaxation, far from the frenzy of city rhythms, and will make your holiday in Cilento a memorable experience.

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Have a happy and safe journey!

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