Insurance Marketing Ideas: The Complete Guide (2021)

Insurance Marketing Ideas: The Complete Guide (2021)

The terms insurance and marketing don’t go hand in hand, but every business needs to have a great marketing strategy to grow, and insurance companies also fall under this terminology. On the other hand, if you look closely, insurance companies have more to do with marketing than any other business because profit depends on the steady flow of the leads. In the last two years, the search query with the sentence “insurance near me” grew by 100%, causing major insurance players to dig deep into the online marketing industry and find ways to get in touch with their customers as soon as possible. 

Today we will talk about the various insurance marketing ideas an insurance marketing agency can develop to build a better marketing strategy for their clients, which results in better lead generation and higher lead quality. 

Helpful Insurance Marketing Ideas For 2021

Given below, we have curated a special list of insurance advertising ideas for the insurance agents, which can help them find and lock the client in a much shorter time along with a better success rate. 

Content Marketing 

Content marketing is one of the best ways to share comprehensive information. Most people are using social media, and with the help of proper content marketing, you can grow your sales channel on multiple social platforms. One thing which you need to keep in mind is don’t always try to post something informational. Yes, everyone likes to be educated, but when you are on social media, you need to present the information in a funnier way to attract likes and shares. 

Keep A Check On Your Online Reviews 

On the internet and in the offline world, customers have the power to make or break your business. As a result, you need to keep your online reviews in check. There are multiple websites where a customer can drop his review. The best place is on google business and your website. More than 95% of the consumers who buy an insurance policy always check the online reviews before making their final decision. To make your customers happy online, you need to do one thing, which is to help your customers solve their problems. 

Managing your online reviews requires you to be vigilant on multiple sites and be proactive. A customer can leave both positive and negative reviews depending on their experience with your business. So you need to be prepared. The best way you can handle a negative review is by taking a follow-up and find out what made them write a negative review. 

Have A Consistency 

When it comes to digital marketing for insurance agents, you need to provide consistency on various platforms. This doesn’t mean uploading the same logo on all websites. What you need to take care of is the information to remain the same on all various platforms. The information placed on your website, social media, and reviews sites must carry the same information and tell the same benefits of individual policies. 

On the other hand, you need to promptly respond to messages which you receive on social media. But you have to maintain the tonality of your replies across the platforms. So customers don’t feel like they are talking to a separate corporation or person. You do not want to miss an insurance opportunity just because the customer could not find your phone number or sent a mail to the wrong address. 

Keep Your Website Mobile Friendly 

There is no doubt that we cannot live with our smartphones. We need to have a smartphone in our pockets. More and more people are getting online with the help of smartphones. As a result, keeping your website mobile-friendly is a top priority for insurance agents’ marketing strategies. 

You need to have a responsive website, so if a user visits it via his mobile or tablet, he could easily navigate from one page to another and read the text written in it. Internet users are spending more time on mobile phones than they are spending on desktops. Facebook’s user base has more than 1.149 billion people logging in from mobile applications only. 

Automate Your Marketing 

This is one of the latest marketing strategies for insurance agents. Managing your sales pipeline and prospects is essential to growing your business. Indeed, there are long lists of tasks which you need to do on a daily basis. This means it will be difficult for you to manage the marketing side of your business. But with the help of automated emails and social media marketing, you can consistently reach a massive number of potential clients without losing your focus on the main task, which is providing insurance consultancy to your clients.


So there you go, these were some of the tips which insurance companies must put in their marketing campaigns of 2021. You can hire the best insurance marketing agencies to have excellent results. These tips can be tweaked according to your requirement, but for the most part, they need to be implemented in one way or the other.

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