How to Spend a Weekend in New York

How to Spend a Weekend in New York

New York is the city of dreams. It is a gorgeous and adventurous place to spend a weekend at. If you are planning an international trip, go to New York and visit every beautiful attraction the city has to offer. New York has it all. The wonderful shop and dine, Adventurous broadway shows and theme parts, and magnificent architecture. NYC never sleeps. Any day, at any time, day or night, New York has everything a tourist demands and wants to experience. There are more than 20 attractions in New York that are famous worldwide. There is never enough time to travel to New York because it has a lot to offer.

Getaways in New york 

  1. Statue of Liberty 

Worldwide known, the Statue of Liberty is the iconic attraction New York has to offer. Built-in 1886, the Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to America as an emblem of their friendship. It is considered amongst the highest statues around the globe. The height of the Statue of Liberty is approximately 152 feet, and it weighs around four hundred and fifty thousand pounds. You can get a good view of the statue of liberty from Battery park or by boat trip from Liberty Island.  The statue symbolizes the freedom that America holds.  It s a place that reminds you of the process and stories of the people who struggled all the way to get to America.

  1. Times Square  

Haven’t you all imagined yourself standing in Times Square in NYC? You all must have seen Times Square in movies over the years. If you plan to spend a weekend in New York, you must experience Times Square. You can book Allegiant Airline Tickets or United Airlines Vacations to get to New York. This place has its magic to it.  The site becomes more magical in the evening and especially on New Year. A large crowd of people gathers around the square and waits for the countdown. It has amazing lit boards and screens and cafes to sit down and enjoy the scene. The Times Square was formerly named Longacre Square. It got this name in 194 after the name of the New York Times tower.

  1. Central Park 

Central Park is a place to visit in New York if you want to get close the nature. This park is a half-mile wide and 2.5 miles long. It is the place to find peace. You can sit on the fresh grass or on the benches and get close to your surroundings. Not only does Central park has greenery and natural surroundings, but it also has many other attractions within its borders. Strawberry Fields, Belvedere Castle, the Central Park Zoo, and of course, the beautiful Lake are some of the main attractions of Central Park.

  1. Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of art or widely known as the Met, is the biggest museum in New York. If you are a fan of art and artifacts, this is the place to be. Met has been in existence for many decades now. The museum holds around 2 million art pieces from over a period of 5,000 years. The main attraction of Met is The met Fifth avenue. Besides that, Met has American artifacts such as arms and armors, costumes, Egyptian art, musical instruments, and many more. Once you get into the museum, you wouldn’t wish to come out.

Met also has its branch named The Met Cloisters. This museum revolves around the medieval period art and artifacts of Europe.

  1. Fifth Avenue

Many people visit New York to shop and dine. Fifth Avenue is the dream street for all you shopaholics. It is the prime shopping location of New York and has everything to need. The street has stores of all the top designers and brands: Bergdorf-Goodman, tiffany, and the most famous of all, the Apple Store of Fifth Avenue. Even for the people who don’t like to shop, it is a good place to spend an evening. The best area of Fifth Avenue runs from 60th street to 40th street of New York City.

  1. Broadway and the Theater District

If you are in New York to see Broadway shows, you must visit Broadway and the Theatre district located in the neighborhood of midtown Manhattan. This is the place to see all the latest shows and movies. Many famous Broadway shows were screened on The Theatre District of New York City.


New York has many more places to visit, but there is never enough time to see all of them. One must visit the main attractions of the city even if they are going in for the weekend. You can check out Union Airlines Vacations plan and Allegiant Airline Tickets to get the best-offered priced to visit the city and get adventurous.

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