How Long Mechanical Keyboards Last

How Long Mechanical Keyboards Last

As a Professional Gamer, you always want your computer faster and better. Whenever you want to buy the Keyboard for Gaming, you must choose the Mechanical Keyboard because it is considered as the best for Gaming. As a buyer, your first question is how it is for Gaming. The second is the question of How Long Mechanical Keyboards Last?

Of course, you want the best types of equipment for your PC as Gaming requires Powerful as well as high-Quality Processors. When you are buying keyboards, it becomes essential for you to buy the best ones like Logitech g pro mechanical gaming keyboard as it is counted as one of the best gaming keyboards, which is not a high price, when we look at the quality of this.

The issue with ordinary keyboards is that these are more prone to become stuck and wear out. But if you have a mechanical keyboard, then you don’t have to worry about these issues.

When you are looking to buy the Best Mechanical Keyboard within your budget, you should look to buy the Logitech g pro mechanical gaming keyboard as it is considered as one of the Best Gaming keyboards under 100$.

After buying this Keyboard, the other thing you need is maintaining the keyboards neat and clean. For which you must know how to clean it.

How to clean mechanical Keyboard

It is not exact time for How long mechanical keyboards last, but it can be long with proper cleaning. Before starting clean, make sure to unplug the keyboard from your PC.

  • Remove dust from the Keyboard by using a vacuum cleaner. Best is to use the anti-static vacuum cleaners.
  • Use the microfibre mildly damp clothes to clean the whole Keyboard.
  • Now use another cloth for drying it.

Another Simple process is:

  • Remove all keycaps by keycap puller.
  • Boil water (not too much)  and add cleaning products like detergent etc.
  • Now place these keycaps in the container for a few hours.
  • Now Rinse these keycaps and wipe them.
  • Finally reattach it to the Keyboard.

Advantages of Mechanical Keyboard:

After knowing that How long Mechanical Keyboards Last, one also wants to know other advantages as well. There are several advantages of the Mechanical keyboards the significant important are given below:


The mechanical Keyboard is known for its efficiency. Due to sturdy build, these are long-lasting keyboards as compared to the ordinary ones.

Audible Clicking: 

The sound of the mechanical Keyboard at the time of click is satisfying and enjoyable.

High Stability:

Mechanical keyboards have more weight than ordinary ones, which makes it highly stable and long-lasting.

More Features than Ordinary Keyboards:

Mechanical keyboards have a lot of variety in terms of features. For Gaming, the best feature these keyboards possess is LED lighting, adjusting the brightness, color as well as sharpness.

Fast Response Time:

When we talk about the response time, the Mechanical gaming Keyboards are on the top of the list in this feature because the spring engages a much faster action than the other ones.

Here a question arises: how many years a Mechanical Keyboard can last?

We usually cannot say how long the Keyboard will last, but there are different answers about how many years a standard keyboard lasts. According to which the average life-span of a mechanical Keyboard is 15-20years.

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