How Do You Reseal Slate Floors?

How Do You Reseal Slate Floors?

Most of the homeowners prefer to install slate tiles or floor for an impressive and attractive look. Because slate tiles have better texture and easy to maintain as compared to other tiles. On the other hand, the surface of slate tiles and floor don’t have scratches easily. That’s why these tiles and floors are long-lasting with an incredible overall look. But the shine and protection layer of these tiles also fade over time and slate resealing may require to fulfil protection needs and requirements.

Furthermore, sealing helps to maintain the natural shine of these tiles as well as protection against water and moisture. No doubt, it’s easier to clean the stains and spills on these tiles, but these tiles are also more prone to dirt and dust. That’s why regular cleaning of slate flooring and tiles is essential. Otherwise, stains will damage the overall look and aesthetic appeal of these tiles and natural stones over time. At that point, it will be harder to restore the beauty and natural shine of these tiles. So, Slate resealing should be preferred on earlier stages to protect these tiles against hard stains, marks and moisture.

But before sealing the slate, you need to follow a few considerations and cleaning factors mentioned below:

Clear The Area:

Before resealing slate tiles, it’s better to move out all the things in that area including furniture and carpets. Otherwise, these things will create hurdles for the person while applying the sealant. Wear the glove on hands to protect your hands from interaction with the sealing solution or product. Because these products might contain a few chemical’s containments.

Cover the grout lines and edged areas with the help of tape to save that area from scratches and cracks during sealant application. Mop out or sweep out the complete area with the help of a mopping cloth to remove dry dirt and dust on it. Because dirt on the slate tiles will not offer a smooth application of sealant. Furthermore, dry the area completely after mopping before applying the sealant product or solution. Because sealant will not stay on the wet tiles and floor’s surface smoothly.

Stripping Of The Slate Tiles If Required:

If you are applying the sealant on the new tiles then stripping is not necessary. But for older tiles and slate flooring, stripping will help to offer a clean and smooth surface for sealant. Moreover, it will clean all the stuck stains and spills on the tiles. For this, you can use a buffer or any other high-quality professional stripping solution to save the natural stones and slate tiles from damages and discolouration.

If the area is larger and wider then it’s better to get the professional stripping services with the help of advanced and professional stripping tools. Because it will be risky to treat the larger slate tiles or area with the help of inappropriate tools or products.

Mop Out The Floor After Stripping:

After completing the stripping process by yourself or professionals, it’s necessary to mop out the natural stones and tiles to remove the chemical stripping solution on it. For this, you can simply rinse off the tiles with the help of water or by mopping. Later on, dry the area completely and leave the stripped area at least for one day before resealing slate tiles. So, you can get a better and smooth application of a sealant on these tiles and stones.

Reseal The Natural Stones And Slate Tiles:

It’s better to use the sealer products accordingly the type and specifications of natural stones and slate tiles. However, it’s better to use the water-based sealant for slate resealing. Because these products are eco-friendly and will offer a credible finishing look for the slate tiles.

On the other hand, these sealants offer better protection against water and moisture. While applying the sealant on slate tiles, it’s better to apply it accordingly manufacturer’s suggestions and recommendations for better results.

If you are applying the sealant on slate tiles by yourself then you can use the paintbrush for better application. Moreover, you can install more than one layer of sealant on the slate tiles for increased protection and durability. After completing the process of slate resealing, let the floor dry completely. For this, don’t use this floor at least for 24 hours for the walk.

Even after installing the sealant on the slate tiles, you need to do the regular cleaning of these tiles to remove the dirt and debris on it. No doubt, sealant will minimize the cleaning time and effort but slate tiles still require appropriate maintenance and care routine.

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