How Do You Define the Best Smartphone in Every Price Segment?

How Do You Define the Best Smartphone in Every Price Segment?

There is no dearth of options when it comes to purchasing a new smartphone. Regardless of your budget, you can find a myriad of handsets that come with an elegant finish, stylish design, fast processor, decent cameras and excellent features.

Consumers wanting to buy a new smartphone will initially get stuck in what would at first seem to be a never-ending loop of research, the process of elimination, and picking a new phone only to come across a new model with better specs.

With brands like Xiaomi, Realme, OnePlus and Samsung offering excellent smartphones in various price segments, one needs to understand what to look for in a new phone. Each brand has its own set of loyal fan base and unique selling propositions; however, it is imperative that one looks at various key features, instead of being enamoured with just one USP.

For instance, consumers wanting a new smartphone with the best-in-class cameras need to also consider other parameters and specs, such as the smartphone’s processor, RAM and storage space.

If you’re still confused and perplexed about what to look for in a new phone, here is how you can define the best smartphone in every price segment.

Budget Segment

In a country like India, it is safe to say that the brand that captures the largest share in the budget segment will do exceptionally well, while earning the tag of the best mobile brand in India, and that is why brands like Xiaomi and Realme have become so popular. While it is difficult to imagine Apple offering budget smartphones (or maybe that will change in the future), even Samsung, in an effort to keep hold of their place in the Indian smartphone market, has been offering affordable smartphones with impressive features.

So how do you go about defining the best smartphone in the budget segment? The brand that offers a bit of everything usually ends up reaping the benefits. For instance, Samsung offers smartphones with a decent processor, good RAM size, adequate internal storage with the option of expanding it via microSD card, chic design, decent rear and front cameras, and an overall impressive performance in the budget segment. Similarly, Realme and Xiaomi also provide impressive phones that mix a bit of everything.

For instance, when you talk about the best mobile under 15000 INR, you have to mention Realme Narzo 10, Xiaomi Poco M2 Pro, and Samsung Galaxy M21, as they come with 4GB RAM, 48MP rear camera and an octa-core processor.

Mid-Range Segment

Arguably the fastest growing segment in the smartphone market today, the mid-range segment offers better functionality and greater convenience to the consumers. This is where the semi-premium features in a smartphone really start to show, as brands put in more effort to woo the consumers. Smartphone brands also have to strike the right balance between features and price point; while they cannot place the latest processors and high-end cameras, brands still have to offer a near-premium experience to be considered the best brand in that price segment. And that is exactly what Xiaomi has managed to do.

Xiaomi has firmly established its dominance in this segment, offering stunning smartphones such as Redmi K20, Poco X2 and Poco F1. These smartphones are exquisitely designed, and come with 6GB RAM, 48MP or 64MP rear camera, and a host of impressive features that offer the best user experience to the consumers.

Mid-Premium Segment

As we dive deeper into the price segments, it becomes easier to understand the reason why Chinese smartphone brands continue to dominate the Indian smartphone market. When it comes to the mid-premium segment, OPPO has been the undisputed leader, especially after unveiling its Reno series. From phones with pop-up cameras offering bokeh effect, to providing 10x lossless zoom and night photography, the OPPO Reno phones have become an instant hit with the Indian consumers.

OPPO’s latest smartphone in the Reno series, OPPO Reno4 Pro offers trailblazing features like the 65W fast charging and 93.4 percent screen-to-body ratio, and is affordably priced. This is in addition to OPPO’s impressive cameras, that have made it the best mobile brand in India when it comes to the mid-premium segment.

Premium Segment

The usual suspects in the premium segment are Apple and Samsung, as the two brands have been competing against each other for nearly a decade. Apple’s iPhone line has forever changed the smartphone industry, while Samsung’s Galaxy S series has been going toe-to-toe with the iPhones.

Samsung also recently unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, yet another high-end smartphone that is reshaping and re-imagining the way smartphones look and perform. While other brands like OnePlus and Motorola have also recently unveiled premium phones, if you have to go for a luxury phone, you cannot look beyond either Apple or Samsung, at least for now.

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