A Great Effect of IoT over product Development

A Great Effect of IoT over product Development

With the rise in smart technologies, IoT app development companies are looking for innovative product developments that would add intelligence and provide a value proposition. For example, IoT in the healthcare sector can help in telehealth consultations, remote monitoring, digital diagnostics, robot assistance, etc.

A latest 2020 analysis of the top-most IoT application areas shows that among various public enterprise IoT projects, the fields where the applications are prominent are Manufacturing / Industrial Sector (22%), Transportation / Mobility (15%), and lastly, Energy-based IoT projects (14%).

How IoT impacts product development is interesting as it combines products, data analytics, the after-effects of the developed product, its applications, and the user-experience it provides. Thus, as an IoT app development company, certain factors require immediate attention to understand the customer’s perspective, make its application better and long-lasting.

A Better Product-Design with Immense Data-Collection

The first step in any product development lifecycle is the generation of an idea and its screening, which means you need to go knee-deep in research, find out all the probabilities, development challenges, customer requirements, and much more.

When product managers have a vast amount of data for this development and idea generation process, it needs to be maintained through a smart-process to get valuable insight into it and track analytics. This would eventually help build an IoT Model – one which connects the data between devices and smart systems.

Drive Profitability

A recent Gartner report said that the Internet of Things (IoT) endpoint electronics and communications market is bound to reach $14.7 billion in 2020, an observable leap of 6% from 2019.

With the rise of IoT devices for daily usage by people, its maintenance work also increases for the parts, and the demand for OEMs will be on the rise. As a smart device, IoT devices upgrade themselves with the information it gets from the other devices connected. Thus AI and IoT to build an intelligent neural network with the massive data pool. Therefore, industrial maintenance systems and assistants like Alexa, OK, Google has been able to provide the service they were designed for.

Maximum User Productivity Achieved

The end-user is the one who will use the product, taking its full-advantage and face issues, if any. Only after appropriate test-cases, designing, an IoT app development companylaunches its product.

As per its name, this device is connected to the Internet all the time to serve its purpose. But, sometimes, it may not be connected to the Internet. At such times, if the user can use it for any application, then it’s a win-win for the product development team, as they have achieved an excellent level of product usability.

Cloud PLM systems

IoT combined with Cloud PLM is a great way of knowing how IoT impacts product developmentas Product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions are designed to collaborate designs across the different teams, increase traceability and launch the product faster.

The advantage of APIs and data structures consists of acts as a great tool to leverage IoT data instead of a whole platform.

A Team of Experts would always be Beneficial.

Product development is an innovative field that sees new things every day. Staying updated with it is necessary if one wants to develop the latest customer-friendly, feature-rich IoT product.

Sometimes organizations are unable to keep with the trends. Thus, the issues that arise cannot be addressed, or the latest feature in the market can’t be integrated due to the lack of information and experience. At such times, expert IoT app development companiescan make the process easier for you, and hence, they should be considered.

End-To-End Security

With the concept of connecting devices to the internet and functioning products, the security factor is essential to consider and necessary. The potential of a security breach in this volume of connected devices is enormous and any mishaps might cause daunting effects.

Encryption measures, critical password protection for cybercriminals, and ransomware attacks are mandatory. Updating the software and regulatory policies regularly, keeping an eye out for irregular outages would improve safety.


IoT is an ever-developing industry with an interconnected network of data, lots of data that helps build a commercial or home-solution, and is a linear process from idea conception to commercialization. With the latest developments, it can be daunting to choose the technologies you need to create an IoT-based product which is influencing enough for the market, meeting the budget requirements and delivering it within deadlines. With Cuelogic, you can link, scale, build, and explore the opportunities in IoT development and witness its impact on enterprise customers. Interested in learning more? Contact us today to embark and embrace smart systems of the future.

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