Drop the Basics and Explore Edinburgh like a Scottish

Drop the Basics and Explore Edinburgh like a Scottish

selection of Edinburgh’s top attractions throughout the year.

The capital of Scotland is called the “Athens of the North”. You can walk along the Royal Mile. The name is to one-mile long walk along the top of the ridge that connects the castle to the Holyroodhouse. This is a Scottish royal palace that worked in the 17th century and once lived here. From fringe sights to hidden treasures, spend a spectacular holiday in Scotland’s most beautiful city. Drop the usual style with our guide to the best views to experience Edinburgh like a Scottish.

Get Ready to enjoy the best in Edinburgh.

Find the Arthur’s Seat

There are not many cities with extinct volcanoes, but Edinburgh managed to squeeze some of them into two miles. Arthur’s Seat can be seen from most of the center because it rises above the vast prairie of Holyrood Park. If you want to visit, please wear hiking boots. Only 250 meters above sea level, hiking is relatively easy. At the highest point, you will find an unparalleled view of the city skyline.

Visit the Edinburgh food market.

Edinburgh has some of the best restaurants in the UK and some very delicious food markets. On Sunday morning, head to Stockbridge, west of the New Town, to do street food and farmers’ markets once a week. The Spanish paella stall at Casa Roble is a regular favorite, and it’s worth lining up to buy the udon from Harajuku Japanese Kitchen-but do not forget to bring a bag of Scotch & Co’s eggs as its soft centerpiece.

Find the black castle.

Blackness Castle is located on Forth’s Firth, and its history dates back to the 15th century. Edinburgh was a very different place at the time. The Blackness castle itself is about 35 minutes away from the city center, so make sure you plan and try to miss those peak times. The ticket price is approximately £6, and it is open from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm daily. You can make Jet blue Reservations and fly to Scotland after enjoying a perfect day at the Castle.

Take pictures at Princes Street.

After arriving in Edinburgh, the first sights you will visit are the historic Princes Street. Since 1770, this main boulevard has been the heart of the city and has become one of Edinburgh’s most popular retail centers. Go shopping on Princes Street, and you will find all the big street shops along this road. Princes Street is also a wonderful place in history, with many important landmarks nearby. Here, you can enjoy stunning views of Edinburgh Castle. You will also find many art galleries, and the Scott Monument, making it ideal for photography.

Visit St. Andrew’s Square

In Edinburgh’s New Town, you can find St. Andrew’s Square Garden and Henry Dundas next to the 150-foot Melville Monument. Dundas is part of Edinburgh’s little-known history. The Conservative Interior Secretary in the 18th century postponed the abolition of the slave trade in Scotland for 15 years, resulting in unnecessary deaths of African slaves before and during that period. As one of the many beneficiaries of the transatlantic slave trade, the streets of Dundas were named after a powerful family in Edinburgh.

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