A Perfect Home Decor With Decorative Floor Table Lamps

A Perfect Home Decor With Decorative Floor Table Lamps

Table Lamps are a compact version of Floor lamps with the purpose of illuminating a minimal area around the lamp. They are mostly kept on bedside tables, study tables, work tables, shelves, desks, etc. Table lamps are always kept in a certain location to provide effective lighting. Table lamps are of two types, End table or bedside lamp, which provides a wider area of lighting near an object, and the Task lamp, which provides lighting on a fixed area.

End Table

  1. Standard – This type of lamp is for the basic purpose of lighting a small part near the side of the bed. The lamp can come in various shapes or sizes. A lampshade is also attached to the lamp to provide mood lighting in the room.
  2. Torchiere – This type of lamp has an upward looking top end of the support so that most of the light from the light source can go in an upwards direction. The lampshade is also upward facing to provide minimal light downwards.
  3. Tripod – This type of lamp has multiple supporting rods rather than a flat base. The three supports are joined at an angle such that they can provide maximum balance while taking less space.
  4. Buffet – This type of lamp has a sleeker design than other end tables. It is mostly used for decorative purposes and adds up to aesthetic lighting with the main source of light.
  5. Novelty – This type of lamp is unique as it is mainly used as decor for rooms. The most common example is a lava lamp.
  6. Tiffany – This type of lamp is used for traditional style decoration purposes. It has a glass lampshade with designs on it and the base of the lamp is mostly covered with ornaments.

Task Lamp

  1. Desk – This type of lamp is a standard task lamp. It has multiple hinges for a customized source of light and a conical shaped lamp cover to put more light on a fixed area.
  2. Arched – This type of lamp has curved or arched support that faces downwards. This can provide a larger light to cover.
  3. Flexible – This type of lamp comes with flexible support that can rotate in any direction. This provides a high customization option for table lamps and helps in changing the intensity of light by moving it closer to farther to light.
  4. Banker – This type of lamp has a lampshade cover on top that reflects the light back downwards. This gives a larger intensity of light than any other table lamp.
  5. Clip – This type of base has a clip attachment instead of a base which can be clipped onto many surfaces. They are mostly used with keyboards, laptops, etc. Smaller versions are also available that can be attached to books.
  6. Swingarm – This type of lamp has a separate arm that is connected to the support by a hinge. Due to the hinge, the lamp can be rotated to provide lighting in multiple areas.
  7. Boom Arm – This type of lamp has an adjustable arm. Because of this, the length of the lamp can be adjusted to suit the person’s needs.
  8. Tree – This type of lamp has multiple arms emerging from a single support, with light sources connected to each arm.

Apart from these types of Lamps, they can also come with various working methods – 

  1. Battery-Operated – These lamps are cordless and have slots for the battery to keep them operating. The battery can be either replaceable or chargeable using an outlet.
  2. Dimmer – These lamps have sensors that can change the voltage of the light source, hence changing the intensity of the light.
  3. USB Outlet – These lamps have a USB outlet that can be connected to a computer, laptop, etc. They are compact in size and are mostly used for illuminating keyboards.

So, choose any to add a customized touch to your space.

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