Best 8 Tools to Create Explanatory Videos

Best 8 Tools to Create Explanatory Videos

Will creating explanatory videos attract more users?

Creating explanatory videos is in fashion. Not only do you capture the attention of users but you also explain your business simply visually. Through dynamic content, you capture the attention of users because you arouse their curiosity. Therefore, it is one of the best ways for you to generate greater Engagement with your users. In addition, you can capture the concepts you want to explain in a fast and original way.

Do you think creating explanatory videos is very difficult? It is not. Obviously it is not a breeze, but it is not like climbing Everest either. To create an explanatory video you must be up to date. Therefore, we want to share these programs to edit and create quality explanatory videos. We summarize the best tools to make videos to save you hours of work. Have we left any tools to create explanatory videos?

Create explanatory videos with Moovly

With this tool you can create incredible videos even if you don’t have any experience. Moovly allows you to use customizable templates or create canvases from scratch. The interface is very intuitive and offers you a wide library with a large amount of content such as animations and objects. You can also upload your own images and audios.

You can use the free version, which somewhat limits the quality such as the length of the video, as well as the objects in the library. Although the paid one is much more complete, with many more tools, duration and quality. Find many other tools in our complete guide on how to make animated videos.

Create explanatory videos easily with PowToon

Similar to Moovly, PowToon also allows you to create a video through templates or from scratch. You have a wide library of objects in which you can upload your own file or record your own voice.

With its free version, you can easily create a video of maximum 5 minutes. You also have a paid version with more complete tools.

Wideo – Explanatory videos in a few steps

Wideo allows you to easily create explanatory videos videos through slides that you are animating in a few steps. This, added to the different templates that this tool offers us, allows us to create unique videos. In addition, it incorporates video editing tools that are quite simple to use.

While Wideo allows you to insert buttons to improve interactivity, it has a limited library of objects. This is perhaps the main difference with other tools as it has fewer options. If you want complete tools it is necessary to pay a subscription since the free version has quite limited options. If you need to create explainer videos on a regular basis, it’s definitely worth the subscription.

Go Animate – Create simple and engaging explainer videos

If you are looking for a tool that allows you to easily create explanatory motion graphics videos, without a doubt this tool teaches you how to make animated videos easily. Go Animate has quite simple and customizable tools, which can help you create an animation in just a few steps.

This tool is very intuitive and allows you, step by step, to animate the videos through different libraries, your own files and tools. Of course, you must bear in mind that you will need time since you will have many options to animate. Go Animate offers a 15-day trial and then subscription options.

MakeWebVideo – To create explainer videos with templates

To create motion graphics in MakeWebVideo the first thing you have to do is select a template. This template can be easily edited, selecting each part to customize it. In addition, here you will find an extensive library with content that you can add to your video by animating in a simple way.

You can export in different formats such as high-quality MP4, as well as files for direct editing in programs like After Effects. The price is paid per template as it is thrown at the end of the rendering. Editing is very simple and we can obtain high quality motion graphics explanatory videos.

Animaker – Animated corporate videos

This app is still in development and using it can be a bit tricky. For this we have to watch an explanatory video that shows us how this tool works. It generally works the same as other tools like Go Animate, thus creating high-quality videos.

It’s simple and friendly interface allows us to easily customize our animations by giving movements to all our characters. Here we can find a large number of templates and content in your digital library. It has a free and a paid option, the main difference being the tools offered.

Explee – Explain it with motion graphics

Unlike the previous tools focused on creating motion graphics, this tool focuses on the design of more professional videos. Through its extensive library of content, we can find elements with more realistic designs, not so cartoon or animation.

With this tool you can find a large number of options in elements that will give a unique design to your video. In addition, you can find tools for editing and creating content such as being able to narrate our text with a synthetic voice. Explee is available in two versions, free version for 14 days, or a paid plan.

VideoScribe – whiteboard videos

Similar to the previous tool, VideoScribe allows you to make professional and elegant videos with its large number of options. Its content library offers you to easily create videos incorporating both traditional elements and animated elements. Thus, you can easily create any type of video, especially explanatory.

This tool is especially aimed at creating explanatory videos thanks to the fact that they allow you to animate easily. Of course, the options are limited since there are only two versions, one free and one paid. The free plans are limited to a 7-day trial, while the paid plans are limited to $ 12 a month.

How can you get the most out of these tools?

Now that you know to which are the best software to make animated videos and create and edit explanatory videos, it is time to make the most of its potential. The first thing you should do is create a script that will help you easily create videos.

Motion graphics explanatory videos can give your business a creative twist, so you can capture more people’s attention and generate greater engagement. Enjoy the benefits of explanatory videos doing them yourself with the best online video tools, like the ones we mention here. Still have questions about whether you should create an explanatory video? Read our article on the 6 benefits of creating a motion graphics video.

Also, if you plan to publish your videos on social networks, we recommend that you read out with 7 tips that you should keep in mind when publishing a video on Facebook. And if you need more ideas to learn how to make an explanatory video, check out this article on how to make animated explanatory videos.

Creating explanatory videos benefits you more than you imagine

Increase the stay time of your visitors

Users who visit your website are more likely to stay as a video is more entertaining than a long and boring text. Google’s SEO algorithm penalizes when users leave a website after a short time. But with a video, they are more likely to stop and watch it.

Remove the doubts

With a video you can explain your products or services much faster and more clearly than with a text. If a picture is worth a thousand words and a video has thousands of images, then a video is worth a million words. Perhaps we have been a bit hallucinated with this, but more or less it is like that (no). Jokes aside, a video explains things in a time that sometimes it would be impossible to explain in words. You already know the software to make videos. If you still have doubts, check out this latest and most complete article with new tips to make your animated video.

Now you can create explanatory videos for your company

First, be clear about the goal of the video. If you have questions, at Animation Video Company we advise you without obligation. Create a script and storyboard to organize your mind. Think about how users will react after watching the video. The intention is that after seeing it, they want to contact you to request more information. You always have to focus on conversion. This is how online marketing is, always trying to take the user towards the last step of the conversion tunnel.

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