Best things to do in Scotland

Best things to do in Scotland

Are you planning a trip to Scotland? Do you have no idea what the country is about and what to do there? If the answers to these questions were in affirmation, you need to read our article about the best things to do in Scotland. Now we know that the best trips are unplanned ones, in which the tourist doesn’t act like a tourist and explore the city as they go along the country and discover the culture on their own. However, if you don’t want to be one of those people who end up confused on such trips and then sleep on a beach bench out of desperation, then you should have a rough idea about your destination.

Scotland is a predominantly Scottish-speaking country that is a part of the United Kingdom. Scotland and England, and Northern Ireland comprise the UK, while Scotland and England and Wales formulate great Britain. The small country is surrounded by the North Sea, Atlantic Ocean, and the Irish Sea on three sides and shares the land border with England on the fourth one. The Country is famous for its beautiful landscape, ranging from Waterfalls, northern lights, gigantic beaches, sub-tundra wildlife, and lifestyle. However, Scotland’s main attraction is its culture and people, with a vibrant cultural history with years and years of kingdom rules and autonomy practices. 

From hiking trails to the best Scottish wine shops to see, this comprehensive article contains all about what you want to know about the country and the best things to do in Scotland. Have a look!

Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile

The Edinburgh skyline is dominated by Edinburgh castle’s stone towers and walls since the inception of the same. The place is a great visit if you want to see the bird’s eye view of the city atop the black basalt rock and learn about Scottish history in the process.

The castle’s highlights include the beautiful crown jewels, the stone of destiny(the one in multiple children and storybooks), and the pristine Saint Margaret Chapel.

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Loch Lomond

As in English, Loch Lomond or Lake Lamand is a freshwater lake located in Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park that mainly falls under the Southern Scotland region. 

The lake area lies on a highland is a habitat for red deers ands. This place is perfect for a small family outing; the space offers many activities like cycling along zig-zag trails of the Ben Lomond mountain and a smaller conical beside it.

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 Cruising Loch Ness and the Caledonian Canal

A haven for conspiracy theorists and monster catchers all around the world, this is the Loch Ness. The Loch ness monster is one of the most famous extra-terrestrial creatures in the world. And naturally, this theory has increased the number of tourists to this Lake exponentially. Every year millions of people gather along the lake coast with their binoculars, hoping that they might catch a glimpse of the mystical creature.

The lake is a water body that connects the east coast of Scotland to its west one. Hence, making this place as much as an economically important destination as a tourist one; one of the best things to do in Scotland. 

Isle of Skye and the Inner Hebrides

Skye, the largest inner isles located in Scotland, is a popular tourist destination amongst bird watchers and nature lovers. The isle’s scenic landscape primarily consists of a green valley, caves, miles of sand trails, and bustling waterfalls at every corner. This island is a thing to be spectacle about, owing to its petite size of fifty-mile length and fifteen-mile breadth.

The island is built upon a history of ancient oak forests and a sur-plus of wildlife. They include everything from otters, seals, and not less than two hundred species of exotic birds. 

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