The 20+ Best Job Apps and Websites to Get You Hired

The 20+ Best Job Apps and Websites to Get You Hired

Best Job Apps and Websites: At present, the world of apps (APPs) is in a state of maximum growth. They not only aim to maximise the utility of their reference web sites but also replace the latter by increasing and enhancing access to users wherever they are.

It is very necessary to have applications on our cell phone that allow us to meet needs regardless of where we are. Besides, if we are in the middle of the job search process, it becomes essential to have these apps, thereby preventing us from having to park our search on holidays, trips or while we are away from home.

What do we get from Jobs Apps

Apps designed especially for mobile are very easy to use as compared to that of traditional web pages.

The best features of Job Apps are

  • Filter job offers by professional category, province, etc.
  • Establish a notification system to receive job offers that fit our profile notifications
  • Share job updates on social networks or send them to those who may be interested via email.
  • Follow the progression of the applications which have been submitted.
  • Keys to their success are the internal algorithms from which the apps are designed, managing to set up philtres capable of balancing supply and demand.

They also provide the benefit of being integrated with social networks, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Google+, so that we can exchange deals or even access them through our profiles.

The usefulness of the App is close to that of jobs web portals in the sense of spending the time required to correctly customise their professional profile and that of the job role you are searching for, depending to a large degree on the worker when registering. The more unique both are, the greater the consistency of the obtained offers.

If you are unemployed and looking for a job or if you have a career and want to improve it, for eg: if you are a writer & someone is looking for essay writing service, so they can easily find you there.

This guide is tailored for you. I am going to add the best Apps that can help you find jobs anytime.

1. LinkedIn

Without an app such as LinkedIn, a post of this kind could not start. Many businesses understand that on this social network, they choose applicants from their professional profile. You can check for different parameters with this App: place, job description, personal skills. The possibility of being alerted when new job opportunities emerge that corresponds to the saved search parameters is one of the fascinating features. For iOS and Android, it is available.

2. Facebook

It is one of the biggest social networks and is familiar with everyone. It can be used anytime, anywhere very easily. Apart from connecting with friends and family activities, it can redirect you to the employer’s page and help you get a job based on your saved profile. For availing the opportunities from Facebook, try to make your strong profile of about 1000 words or less.

3. InfoJobs

You can handle different resumes and different cover letters using the popular InfoJobs App. At the time the applicant decides to apply for a position, she will be able to choose which resume or cover letter to present herself with. The fact that you follow the application process directly from your smartphone is the fascinating aspect of this App: you will be informed when the organisation receives your resume, whether you have passed the first step or whether you have been selected for a personal interview.

4. Glassdoor Job Search

If you are in the midst of a work hunt, Glassdoor is possibly already familiar to you. It is one of the best portals for exchanging company information: wages, feedback from staff, interview forms and even photos of work environments. Like LinkedIn, it is also possible to save search parameters so that when new open positions appear based on your own requirements, you can be informed.

5. Monster

This work portal is one of the most popular, most familiar in the world, and one of the oldest, possibly. You can insert any details from the Monster app into your professional profile. It allows you to use a very simple structure to search: place + location. Candidates, on the other hand, would be able to save work opportunities in order to be able to apply at another time. The most distinctive thing about this popular App is that it seamlessly integrates with Dropbox and Google Drive. You can easily import your curriculum from these sites to be able to handle it in the App.

6. Job Talent

It is the portal that young people frequently use in order to find their first job. With this App find your desired job as per your desired location. Users can build a profile and then begin to receive job offers that are relevant to their interests.

7. Dream Jobs

With this job search App, seeking your dream job can be simplified. Dream Jobs enables you to find the most relevant deals for your profile and conduct location-based searches. Thanks to the use of GPS, it guarantees a tight hunt for applicants, according to your own aspirations and those of the companies. Registration required but free.

8.  CornerJob

CornerJob is one of the most popular App among youngsters and has 5 million downloads since the job offers are aimed at people between 18 and 38 years old. Easy to use with a welcome chat, which discusses how the job search operates and asks you questions to see what your current situation is. Filters are very simple with categories like location and task. It offers a job on the basis of the profile added by the candidates.

9. Job Today

One of the job-search apps with 1 million downloads already. This is due to its excellent ease of use in the explanation of deals and minimalism. The best thing about this App is it allows chatting. It is an alternative in which you can send a message to the company that put it and overcome your reservations if you have concerns regarding a bid. It has filters like location, category and keyword.

10. Employment Option

There are 1 million downloads of this job search app. It has a web version that, if you want to apply for some bid, is the one it redirects you to. As for the programme, it is easy to use, but it does not have a fantastic interface that makes it very difficult to distinguish one bid from another.

11. Jobrapid

Very useful application because it uses different job web portals that are very familiar with interesting offers for the candidates. No registration required in this App. You can find job opportunities that are often external to the application itself, via web pages to which it redirects you. It has a filter of the radius in kilometres to select jobs in the specific area too.

12. Mitula Jobs

It allows you to search for jobs in different countries with filters like relevance, keyword and location. After being registered on this App, you will get alerts of varying job offers match with your added profile. It has downloads of more than one million; you will be the next one.

13. Indeed

It is itself not a job portal, but we can say it “ Job Finder”. It functions like Google to find job offers. It tracks different job offers on the web and uploads on its site. After registration on this site, you will get updates via email regarding job offers. Millions of people are using it, and they are getting jobs too.

14. Hirewire

Best job app to download, if you are in search of local jobs. It allows you to make an attractive profile over there and becomes active within 24 hours.

15. Express Jobs

Another easiest and quickest app that can help you find a job by applying in just one click. It allows you to save and share jobs on different social media too.

16. Job Aware

From wage comparisons to linking your LinkedIn profile to your job search, this App offers everything. This platform takes advantage of your social networking sites wisely, while offers the final results.

17. Switch

The best job app that brings jobs from different sites under one platform that is Switch. Apply for a job just by swiping right, and you can dismiss it by swiping left.

18.  ZipRecruiter

It was started in 2010 on a very small scale, but it grew faster, and today it has 10 million jobs. Job seekers can add their resume, and it will notify you when it gets a vacancy for you.

19. Good & Co

This App asks some personality quizzes from you in the start to judge whether you are visionary, maverick or a dreamer. An excellent app to find a job as per your work nature.

20. Dice Careers

It helps you find the latest job with an additional feature of salary predictor like you can calculate your expected salary based on experience and your qualification.

21. WayUp

This App is best for graduate students and looking for jobs based on internships. You can find a job based on location and qualification via this App.

22. Naukri

One of the best Apps and is used by 40 lacks job finders. It has different job posts like government jobs, medical jobs or any other industry-related jobs. You can filter it by your preferences, salary, experience and location.

In a Nut Shell

When looking for jobs, we know how important it is to be educated. Technological developments have also contributed to the scramble for work. Applications have revolutionised this market, as businesses seldom employ in a conventional manner. You can not be old-fashioned, and the new age is taking over. The search for the best work has only just started. Good Luck!

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