Add Instagram Feed on Shopify – Try 5 Amazing Tools

Add Instagram Feed on Shopify – Try 5 Amazing Tools

Instagram is a popular social networking platform among all the ages. The number of active users daily on this platform is more than 500 million. Out of this number, 80% of the users subscribe to at least one business profile, while 60% of the social media channel users utilize Instagram to shop. 

Therefore it has become the first priority for any of the brands to build an online presence, especially on Instagram. Being partnered with Instagram, Shopify makes it more significant for businesses. 

Adding Instagram feeds on your Shopify store will help the brands and businesses boost sales, drive more traffic, intensify brand awareness, etc. In the event that you haven’t yet, it’s presently an ideal opportunity to use Instagram better than anyone might have expected.

5 Amazing Tools to Add an Instagram Feed on Shopify

In simple terms, these Instagram feeds are simply the curated UGC or user-generated content collected by utilizing locations, hashtags, usernames, and handles on Instagram. After which the collected UGC is showcased on your Shopify store. 

Planned to reliably organize with Shopify sites, here are five mind-blowing and astonishing tools that will help you add Instagram feed on Shopify website:

Taggbox Widget

To embed your Instagram feed on the Shopify store, use the Taggbox widget, which is among the finest social media aggregator tools to raise user involvement with your brand. This social media aggregator tool works in real-time and offers a pool of features to build engaging, creative, and responsive widgets for your store. 

This will make the customers see the latest Instagram feeds on your Shopify store. Taggbox helps to curate user-generated content from various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more using hashtags, handles, locations, and URLs. Then it will embed it on platforms like Shopify to enhance your brand growth.

You can easily create an attractive Instagram feed with the use of its features like moderation panel and appealing customization that will deliver quality content and eye-catchy-designs.


Growave is simple to set up, and because of its simplicity, it is primarily cherished more by small brands. The first step involved is submitting pictures from your Instagram account to make a UGC gallery. After this step, you can tag products and link them to your Shopify store. 

In simple words, it offers a shoppable feature that motivates visitors to visit your store. Use Growave and to creatively incorporate beautiful shopping galleries on your Shopify store, which directly allows the customers to make a purchase. It also offers some of the effective features such as extraordinary customer support, free plan, other adaptable and shoppable galleries. 


Like any other social media aggregator tool, Instapics helps create customizable feeds that fit your store’s size. Instapics provide you with a diverse range of layouts and templates, from where you can pick out any to make your Insta feeds more appealing and pleasing in your store. Likewise, this tool also utilizes the most recent Facebook API and is refreshed normally to dodge such a glitch for customers.


Embed your curated Instagram feed on Shopify by simply using Snapppt Embed. With the use of Snapppt, you can easily embed your Instagram feed into any page of your website. The Shopify Auto-install feature helps to achieve this. It permits you to easily add the Snapppt Embed alongside an optional title and subtitle, to either an existing page or a new page.

MINTT Studio

The Mintt Studio is trusted by 90,000+ Shopify stores and centers around providing a remarkable and smooth experience to eCommerce brands and stores. This is a high-performance and reliable tool whose main objective is to accomplish significant things and prominent outcomes by keeping it straightforward. 

To engage more and more customers, this tool keeps you updated with the latest and newest Instagram feeds on Shopify. Keep your store lightweights by delivering a flawless experience to your possible clients. 

Improve the design of your store by using the tool, and this, as a result, will help you to attract more customers as well as followers. With the help of the pro version of this marketing tool, the brands or marketers can tag their products on Instagram and filter the posts via hashtags.

Final Thoughts

Instagram and eCommerce together make better sense. By adding an Instagram feed to your Shopify store, you are acquiring the two closer in your business. Once you are through with this step, you can begin hitting the nail on Instagram marketing. 

Choose the best option that suits your business as you now have acquired a better understanding of tools that will let you add Instagram feeds on Shopify. You can compare each of these solutions and pick out the best option that works for your brand or business.

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