5 secrets to grow your travel blog quickly

5 secrets to grow your travel blog quickly

Traveling is your passion, and you want to continue traveling to the far ends of the world, right? But money is one thing that is stopping you from pursuing your passion, isn’t it? Well, not everyone of us can be uber rich and travel without any consequences.

But there is one way through which you can travel and make money as well. It is blogging. Start a travel blog and when it starts making income, you can travel anywhere and continue working on your travel blog from anywhere in the world.

However, for that to happen, you need to work extremely  hard because it is not easy to have a successful blog. You cannot get a high number of followers by clicking some buttons, it takes time. Getting organic followers and top ranking in Google is vital if you want to start earning through Google AdSense or through paid sponsorships, and more.

In this blog, we will list some effective tips that can help you set your blog up for success. Let’s check them out now.

1.      The basics: create a blog

Most of us know about WordPress. It is a free CMS platform that you can use to create your blog. Though it is free and the best tool for creating a blog, keep in mind to never use its domain or web-hosting service even though it is free. With this, your blog would end with wordpress.com and not the name that you have thought out for it.

It is better to buy a domain name and a web-hosting service. It makes it much easier to have a successful blog.

2.      Make sure your content is useful and relevant

The trick to starting earning money from your blog is simple, start by building an audience. If you don’t work hard to do that, you won’t earn it because Google and publications will take into notice how many people are following your blog.

One of the easiest ways to build your audience is by creating useful, relevant, and informative content. No stranger is going to read your travel diary if it doesn’t contain some tips related to travelling to a foreign land, budget tips, safety tips or more.

If you are not passionate about writing this kind of travel tips but want to focus more on culture and traditional experiences that you had, make sure to do that. It’s because, without passion, you won’t survive. But also try to include some tips regarding the cultural habits of the place, so that no one offends the native or so on.

In simple terms, follow your heart, but make sure that your content is helping the readers someway.

3.      Use quality, original, and appealing images

A travel blog will work and engage more audiences if you put up appealing and original images. You will be writing blogs about the places you travelled to, so having original pictures should not be a problem.

But now that you are starting a blogging business do it more professionally. Have a theme in mind which your blog post will follow, and take pictures accordingly. Moreover, invest in a good-quality camera because you need splendid pictures. Also, use the best editing tool like Canva, which can help you make your images look even more beautiful and professional.

Google tags images as different content, and it can also bring traffic to your website, so treat it like that.

4.      Expectation management

There are 70 million blogs on the internet, and the competition is tough. So, don’t expect overnight success, and if you don’t have savings that can last a year, please don’t quit your day job. Maybe you can take a part-time job or a freelancing one so that you can spend more time on your blog, but have something that provides stable pay.

Also, never expect that you will get a lot of followers in a month. It starts with a few numbers, which gradually increases and can take up to 6 months or a year. So, managing your expectations and not losing hope in the face of adversity is imperative.

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5.      Use social media to grow your followers

Social media is your best friend when it comes to gaining more followers. SEO is the first choice, and social media is part of this only. But you will learn tricks of SEO gradually only. Till then and always, take advantage of social media to get a high number of followers.

  • Facebook: Join travel groups, promote your content on it, invite people you met on your travel to see your blog. Create a page, and use Canva to create an appealing Facebook cover for your blog.
  • Instagram: This platform along with Pinterest is a big deal now. You can attract tons of followers and brands with interactive images and content through these two platforms.
  • LinkedIn and Twitter: These two platforms are mandatory for building a professional relationship, so don’t avoid them.

There is a lot to learn when it comes to making a successful blog, like making a community by commenting on other blogs and reacting to every comment you get. Also, having social sharing buttons on your blog, and having an email list, and guest posting is imperative for SEO and to have a successful blog. Try these tips now, and enjoy your travels!

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